Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yay!! I have an etsy page!!

    After many Moons of thinking about it and wanting it, I finally did manifest it!! 

  Now I have a place to actually sell my art, 
my own little gallery!!! Yay!! I am soooo happy about this, though it has meant sitting on my OKOLE  for hours and hours and hours posting everything!!! I am thankful that I can take a walk on the beach when I have had enough of the computer!!! 

  It brings me such peace and joy to be able to share this with everyone... 

  I am thrilled at actually getting my photos out to the world.. 


                      Oh, Happy Day!!! 

    To check out my etsy ( & ebay!!!) store, please go to the top of my blog, on the right hand side, and you will see the links!!!

                 May you have an Auspicious

                            12/ 12/ 12!!!!!

                       Happy Holidays!!!




Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Rainy Day Aloha!!

  As the first drops of rain from this anticipated storm are gently falling on the bamboo leaves outside, I am finally sitting down to post another blog!!!! The gray is inspiring me again, to look to my photo collection for an island respite!!! When the weather is good, I am scurrying around, creating work, & having a GREAT time doing it!! This past month, I started to share hula with Delaney and Eve, 2 adorable keikis( mini wahines !) & their Mamas; took some Happy Holiday pictures for Holiday cards( which I will post next time, and how to get some for yourself!!); And I just got a small booth in an antique store to sell fun clothes and other things that spark me!!! 
   Two of my  Hula sisters just returned from their glorious trips to Oahu, and my NEW Hula sisters( one of the adorable Keikis and her Mama) are en route to Kauai as I write... so all this talk about warm oceans, islands and lushness, ahhhhhh ... I have to live vicariously through these pictures, until I can go there myself, though dancing hula really brings it home for me..  Yet VISUALS are always a GOOD thing!!!   Ooooh, and the raindrops are getting bigger and louder as I write!!! Wow!!! 


     This is how it is right now.. ( though this isn't a picture of MY room..).. just setting the scene... 


This is what I am dreaming of... 

Ok, this oughta hold me for a while... 

For this rainy day, a Happy Memory for the Bohemian in me... a song that was my favorite when I was 10... and this scene, forever a classic...



Monday, October 22, 2012

Rockin' It!!!

   So I have been in the mood for some Rock Star clothing lately...   
Turquoise always seems to show up in my color palette... warm ocean inspires me!

    Gorgeous flowing skirt, like the tiny waves on a tropical beach... looks like she is doing the Dr. Evil( Austin Powers) gesture... "One Million Dollars" haha!! Well, sort of!!! 

          I've always Loved this one!! And the 
embroidered birds and flowers!!! Beautiful

                        Lace Palazzo Pants!!!   

                             More Ooooh's... 

                               Lace and Velvet !!  

                 Gotta Have those pants!!! Love that    
            headdress, too!!        

     Of course, the Rock Goddesses themselves:

                          Stevie and Christine...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Jewels of Autumn...

Oh, but there is a crispness in the air... Autumn has arrived... she has me thinking about pulling out the sweaters and cozy blankets... though I still want to run around in my sarongs and summer dresses!! 
   For years,  I used to cry and be sad when October rolled around. As I have gotten older, I realized there are beautiful aspects to the other seasons... and the sadness has lessened over the years... spoiled we are here in Southern California... the seasons don't hit us quite as harsh as the rest of the country!!  I do have to say though, that when winter gives way to spring, I definitely do a happy dance!!! Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself!!! 
  So to honor Autumn, I will pull out all the rich jewel tones I have found lately.... 

If it's too chilly and you have to put on some socks, these teal stockings are it!! And the dragonflies are sure to make you feel like summer is still hanging about!!!  : )
Oooh I LOVE the COLORS of this Photo!!!! She looks a bit sad.. maybe she, too, is having the October blues.. but let's just pretend she is secretly laughing about something!!!  

Mysterious, rich tones... a lovely place to snuggle in on a blustery day with a book and a cup of tea!!!

I love the screen behind her... and her flower hat!! Do you think she is having the blues, too?? 
Deep emerald green walls with Mermaids and Palm Trees... And that deep red chair for a hot accent!

Mysterious Forest Gypsy Wagon... ooohhh....

Gorgeous Painting!!! Lotus and Peacocks... YES!!!
Lucky Cat!!


Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrating the August Blue Moon

In Honor of the Blue Moon and full moon in August, I have made it my ritual every August Full Moon to post this video of Stacey and I dancing Hula in the August Full Moonlight in 2010. 

                   I hope you will enjoy.... Aloha!!! 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautiful Kauai....

I happened upon my photos from a Kauai trip I took a few years back with my daughter. I felt so lucky to go on that trip when we did, since A) Kauai had just had huge storms and flooded,  and B) I had Iritis( an eye infection caused by an old cracked filling in one of my molars. It took weeks to figure it out, and ol' one-eyed me researched for hours on the web to find out why I was in this very painful condition since the doctors had no idea...) But that is a story for another day!!! The eye healed just in time to go on vacation!!! And the storms subsided!!! We were so grateful!!  I had my Canon AE 1, and my daughter's digital camera.  

          Of course, the Lovely Ke'e Beach... and Bali Hai.... aka Makana Mountain.... 

           Chicken on the Beach, Chicken on the Beach!!!   

        Ahhh, Heaven... Can  you see the waterfall???

         Limahuli Gardens and me and my camera.. in my element!!!

                 Should I go in to this cave??? Yikes!!!       

                                I decide to brave it!!!   

               Colorful Rock Growth inside the cave!

                  My daughter enjoying the hammock in Princeville...      

      Cool Tropical Bohemian Clothing Store called Bambulei!!!     Yay!!  Kinda reminds me of my house!! Old funky cottage!! 

                            Fun Island Still Life!!! 

         My favorite part of the drive on the one road around the island... there is just the sweetest feeling going through this grove of super tall trees.... sigh!!! 

                              Another Lovely View!!  

                                  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  This one of Hanelei Bay takes the cake. It is one that I used film to shoot. Look closely( I think you can click on the picture to enlarge)... you will see the magic of the Garden Isle... I did not alter anything else other than the color ( to make it brighter and more colorful)... How are the sun's rays coming out from BETWEEN the mountains? Check out the right side of the hill in the foreground( darkest one), and the clouds.. they have repeated themselves.  Yet the ocean, sand and upper clouds are singular...Tell me how did that happen??  This is one of the wildest photos I have ever taken. Without trying!!! 

     Oh, also, when my daughter and I were in the Kauai airport waiting to board the plane for the mainland, we were beside ourselves crying... guess it means it's  Time to Hele On Back to Kauai!!!! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My One Particular Harbor....

 Oh, I don't like waking up to dreary fog!!! So it is time to UPLIFT!!!
     Time to go to MY HAPPY PLACE!!!! Yay!!!!

    First, I will climb aboard my Little DREAMBOAT!!!  Cruisin' to Paradise!!!

                Gathering up some BEAUTIFUL Luscious Blossoms....

 Tying on my favorite Pareau and making a Lei Po'o so I can wear flowers in my hair....


                                       Ahh feeling better already!!!

                                    HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!

      Here's a little time capsule in Paradise... funny how some things are timeless  
 ( Vahine and tall ships) and how some things perpetually change
 ( Hairstyles, Fashion, and BOOMBOXES!!!)...     Mahalo, Jimmy Buffett!!   You have brought much joy and laughter to me through your music and stories, not to mention inspiration for my Love of Tropical Paradise!!!   


      HAVE A GORGEOUS TROPICAL DAY!!!! Aloha Nui Loa!!!!                                    

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who Let the Bohemian Out?

Have a listen as you peruse today's lovelies....

                                       Thanks Jack!!! You Da Best!!! 

Oh, I can just feel myself there!!!

And I'd be wearing these!!!

The door to another world!


My kind of colors and style!!

Makes me feel Happy!!!

    Pictures are from Tumblr and Samsara... It is actually raining today!! It's a Heart Shape Kind of Day!!!!   Aloha!!!