Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Jewels of Autumn...

Oh, but there is a crispness in the air... Autumn has arrived... she has me thinking about pulling out the sweaters and cozy blankets... though I still want to run around in my sarongs and summer dresses!! 
   For years,  I used to cry and be sad when October rolled around. As I have gotten older, I realized there are beautiful aspects to the other seasons... and the sadness has lessened over the years... spoiled we are here in Southern California... the seasons don't hit us quite as harsh as the rest of the country!!  I do have to say though, that when winter gives way to spring, I definitely do a happy dance!!! Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself!!! 
  So to honor Autumn, I will pull out all the rich jewel tones I have found lately.... 

If it's too chilly and you have to put on some socks, these teal stockings are it!! And the dragonflies are sure to make you feel like summer is still hanging about!!!  : )
Oooh I LOVE the COLORS of this Photo!!!! She looks a bit sad.. maybe she, too, is having the October blues.. but let's just pretend she is secretly laughing about something!!!  

Mysterious, rich tones... a lovely place to snuggle in on a blustery day with a book and a cup of tea!!!

I love the screen behind her... and her flower hat!! Do you think she is having the blues, too?? 
Deep emerald green walls with Mermaids and Palm Trees... And that deep red chair for a hot accent!

Mysterious Forest Gypsy Wagon... ooohhh....

Gorgeous Painting!!! Lotus and Peacocks... YES!!!
Lucky Cat!!



  1. :D Wow these are the most beautiful shoes in the world! Maybe if I click the heels together 3x's I can fly.
    I really need these shoes!!!!