Monday, October 22, 2012

Rockin' It!!!

   So I have been in the mood for some Rock Star clothing lately...   
Turquoise always seems to show up in my color palette... warm ocean inspires me!

    Gorgeous flowing skirt, like the tiny waves on a tropical beach... looks like she is doing the Dr. Evil( Austin Powers) gesture... "One Million Dollars" haha!! Well, sort of!!! 

          I've always Loved this one!! And the 
embroidered birds and flowers!!! Beautiful

                        Lace Palazzo Pants!!!   

                             More Ooooh's... 

                               Lace and Velvet !!  

                 Gotta Have those pants!!! Love that    
            headdress, too!!        

     Of course, the Rock Goddesses themselves:

                          Stevie and Christine...